36″ Barn Door T Hinges (pair)

Manufacturer: From The Anvil

Stock Code: 33233

Finish: Black



When opened, a tee hinge has the appearance of the letter T. An alternative to butt hinges, tee hinges are usually used in conjunction with a suffolk latch on traditional plank doors. They can also be used on cupboard doors or kitchen cabinets. The end result is a strong, beautifully detailed product ideal for any traditional project.

  • Suitable for heavy doors and gates
  • Band is hinged on the pin attached to the fixing plate.
  • Cranked hinge allows door to be flush with surface of the frame.
  • Sold with matching wood screws. Supplied as a pair.

TIP: The size of T Hinge for your door would traditionally reach 2/3rds of the width of the door, but as long as it reaches halfway it should carry any door weight.

Additional information




Overall Size: 914mm
Hinge Arm: 854mm
Fixing Plate: 305mm x 51mm


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