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Tips for the Perfect Interior

An image of a modern living room with spiral staircase, hard flooring and three large windows.

Redesigning your home is exciting, but it can come with a lot of decisions to make that you don’t want to get wrong. To help you along the way, we have put together some top tips for redesigning your space, helping you make the most of each room and create the perfect space for you.

Colour Palettes

Colour palettes are a great way to begin the redesign of any space and also help you to stay on track as you buy new items for the room. Choose around four colours that you want to work into the design of the room – you may begin with more than one group of four, but you can whittle this down as you go.

Once you’ve settled on your colours, consider what you would like the main accent colour to be – if you really aren’t sure, you might use Pinterest boards to help you or even take yourself off to the shops or showrooms to get some inspiration.

If you have a colour palette of fairly neutral tones, with one or two bolder shades, consider using the neutral colours as your backdrop and the bold colours as attention-grabbing accents – this way you can easily swap and change things to ensure the room always feels fresh.

Big Things First

When redesigning a room in your home, try to find the large pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, first. These large items should help you set the tone of the space and work around it to make sure everything follows a consistent style.

What’s more, your larger items of furniture are much more expensive to replace, so choosing a design that the rest of the room has to work with, rather than one that has to compliment an array of smaller items is often the best way to go.

Express Yourself

Your home should be an extension of you, it should make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door and at peace. When choosing colours or items to fill your home with, remain true to your own style and you won’t go far wrong. Granted your style will evolve over the years as you become inspired and interested by different things, but when this happens, you can always begin to swap things around.

It is important to keep in mind that you will have to live in the space and feel comfortable with it, so although you may take advice from your friends or inspiration from trends, be sure to adapt these to suit your own natural flair and the space you have available.

Heart of Wood

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