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Creating a Victorian Interior

An image of a victorian home interior.

Many of us like to keep the interior aesthetic of our home in keeping with the year our home was built in. However, if you’ve recently just moved into a modern, new build, but crave to add depth in the form of a Victorian interior, keep reading. The latest blog post from Heart of Wood discusses how to create a Victorian interior, regardless of the size or era of your home.


When trying to create an authentic Victorian interior, steer clear of flat-pack furniture that lacks charm. Instead, opt for real wood pieces, or if your budget allows, design bespoke pieces that fit perfectly in the space you have available and work in tandem with the way you live.

No Victorian home interior is complete without a good fireplace mantle. You can often find fantastic pieces at flea markets, or purchase a modern electric fireplace that has the aesthetic of an older wood burning one.

The little details should never go amiss, whatever style you are aiming to emulate. Solidify a Victorian interior by using authentic antique pieces and salvaging them. A quick search online and you should be able to find old doors, windows and other items which you can use in the home as stand out features to draw the eye.

Traditional Victorian homes often exude an element of luxury, which can be achieved by adding elements of marble. This hardwearing material is durable, yet aesthetically pleasing and adds quality to the home.


Rooms in the Victorian era were not known for being cream or white, colours that are often used throughout modern homes. If you’re not brave enough to paint your walls in rich hues of green or red, use these tones throughout plush cushions, or create a feature wall in such colours.

Here at Heart of Wood, we stock a wide range of home accessories, from cabinet knobs, to door handles and window stays, helping you create a high quality aesthetic. If you would like more information on our wide range of stock, we welcome you to contact us. Please call today or send your enquiry through our online contact form.

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