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How to Create a Vintage Aesthetic

An image showing a cosy sitting room with a vintage aesthetic.

Many modern homes are following their traditional counterparts and using a wide range of home interior tricks to create the perfect vintage aesthetic. In recent years, many people have been incorporating real or retro pieces into their home decor to provide the pleasing appearance of a much older style, whilst still remaining elegant and uniform.

So how can you create a vintage aesthetic in your home, without carrying out a complete home renovation project? Continue reading Heart of Wood’s latest blog post to find out.


When walking around a home, you may not consider the handles of the doors and cabinets to be of any significance when it comes to the overall appearance of the home’s decor. However, when you consider an old chest or a traditional door, complete with a slimline, sleek silver handle screwed in with shiny screws, you begin to see how much difference handles can make to the overall appearance of your decor.

To keep the vintage style of your home authentic, consider using black cast iron handles on outer doors and rounded Victorian knobs or ring pendant style pull handles for your furniture.

Modern furniture pieces can easily be transformed into vintage designs by sanding the surface to give a rustic charm, changing the colour and the handles.


The flooring you choose typically covers the entire expanse of a space and as such can completely transform the room. Although popular in many newly built homes, laminate flooring does not easily complement traditionally styled furniture and accessories. If you are unable to change the flooring to a more traditional stone or tile, you may consider investing in vinyl that imitates the appearance of wooden or distressed wood flooring.


Accessories large and small provide character to a home and intricate details which, without their presence, would leave the rooms bare and bland. A love for “shabby chic” interior came back into fashion a few years ago, and many people have since been taking their own twist on what a vintage aesthetic means to them. When choosing accessories for your home, think about using natural materials, pastel tones and recycled items to provide a charming interior that complements your personal taste.

Here at Heart of Wood, we pride ourselves on being a single resource for both homeowners and designers for stunning ironmongery. Our vast collection of skillfully made pieces, ranging from door handles to window accessories, is sure to add perfect detail to every area of your home. Contact a member of our dedicated team today for more information on 01885 483083.

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