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Common DIY Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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If you’ve just moved home, have been meaning to get round to changing the interior of your home for quite some time, or simply want to update your homes aesthetic, there are a wide variety of careful considerations to make before diving in headfirst. In the latest blog post from Heart of Wood, we discuss the most common DIY mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Buying Furniture Before Measuring

It may sound obvious, but when you’re out shopping and see the perfect decorative day chair, without having measured the room you intend it to be for first, resist the urge to buy! Remember that the store the chair is sitting in is likely to be much bigger than the space you have. Consequently, even if it looks like a good buy to the eye, your judgment could be off. What’s more, if you have not yet purchased more essential items of furniture, you could easily end up overcrowding the space and having to return them.

Buying Everything in one day

DIY mistakes can really rack up with this one. When you have the sudden rush of inspiration to change the aesthetic of your home, it can be tempting to buy everything in one day. However, this can not only end up being extremely tiring, time-consuming and frustrating (especially if the items or sizes you need are out of stock), you can very easily end up making snap decisions that you will later regret, as well as compromising on items that you really want.

Having Multiple Focal Points

When deciding the on the theme for your room, always consider where you want attention to be drawn to and what item you would like as your focal point. Just as too many knick-knacks and personal items can overcrowd a room, multiple focal points can also confuse the space.

Typically, the focal point in a bathroom is the vanity area or bath, in the living room it is the tv area or fireplace, and in the bedroom it is the bed.

We hope you have found our common DIY mistakes blog helpful. Here at Heart of Wood, we stock a variety of door, window and cabinet furniture to help you personalise your home and create your perfect aesthetic. Browse our selection today.

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