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Doors: The Advantages of Oak Interiors

Whether you are moving into your first home, or are looking to update the doors in your current property to heighten its aesthetic appeal, at Heart of Wood we have a wealth of industry experience in helping you create your perfect interior, right down to the small details such as cabinet knobs and pull handles, so you can be sure all of our products are of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on being suppliers of XL Joinery Oak doors. Oak is commonly viewed as one of the most visually appealing materials, making oak interiors greatly popular in various environments, including the home and office.

In this blog post we discuss some of the greatest benefits of oak interiors, let’s take a look:


When deciding on the furniture to include in your home, there is no doubt about it that finding pieces that strike the perfect balance between being aesthetically pleasing whilst still offering a durable design is of paramount importance.

Oak doors are durable, with a solid frame that will ensure they stand the test of time. Oak is a hard wearing material which ages well, so you can be sure your investment will look as beautiful years down the line as it did the day it was purchased.

Great Insulator

Like the walls and floors of your home, doors play an integral role in keeping heat within our homes. Being a dense material, oak is extremely energy efficient. What’s more, oak works well for keeping spaces cool during the much warmer summer months.

Easily Complements Other Furniture

Traditionally, all furniture within one room was designed to match. However, it is now becoming increasingly popular for homes to use a variety of materials and finishes within the same room to create eye capturing statements and feature designs.

Oak interiors can complement a wide variety of home furnishings, and oak doors can be used to add a touch of traditional rustic charm or be used to provide clean lines to a space for an injection of contemporary style.

Reduces Noise

Doors are used to create a divide between two separate spaces and allow for an effective privacy barrier. In addition to their great insulation benefits, oak doors have great acoustic advantages that could prove beneficial within many homes.

Solid oak doors block out a great deal of unwanted noise, and are consequently popular within busy homes, homes located next to main roads, or even office spaces that require private meeting spaces.

If you are looking for high quality oak interiors, look no further than Heart of Wood. To speak to a member of our dedicated team, head over to our contact page, or call us on 01885 483083.

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