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The Advantages of Herringbone Flooring

An image of herringbone parquet flooring laid in a home.

Herringbone flooring can make a real statement and is perfect for a wide variety of areas, including in the home to provide a classic elegance, as well as in schools, community centres and much more. In our latest post, we take a look at the advantages herringbone flooring, helping you make the decision on the best type of flooring for the space you have available.

Hard Wearing

Herringbone parquet flooring is often considered a lot more stable than a solid wood floor due to the way in which the flooring is laid. Additionally, this flooring may also be made from back to back plywood, ensuring that the wood does not change shape in extremely hot or cold weathers.

When utilising this style of flooring you can guarantee a quality finish for years to come. This type of flooring is often scratch resistant and the use of hardwood makes it durable.

The thickness of parquet flooring means it can be easily resurfaced without damaging the flooring, meaning it can be sanded and resurfaced several times.


Due to the fact that the plywood is between layers of this type of flooring, the aesthetics of the flooring are not compromised and you can get the appearance of a solid wood floor.


Herringbone parquet flooring has a smooth surface, meaning that dust and dirt cannot be trapped and aggravate allergens. This advantage makes this type of flooring perfect for entranceways, kitchens, dining rooms, schools or places with a high volume of foot traffic.

Heart of Wood

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