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Common DIY Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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If you’ve just moved home, have been meaning to get round to changing the interior of your home for quite some time, or simply want to update your homes aesthetic, there are a wide variety of careful considerations to make before diving in headfirst. In the latest blog post from Heart of Wood, we discuss the most common DIY mistakes and how you can avoid them.
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Christmas Interior Inspiration

An image of a dinner table set for Christmas.

With Christmas only just around the corner, many of us have already made lots of changes to our home decor as a nod to the festive season. However, if you’re inviting guests over this Christmas, why not consider making changes to your home that will last well beyond the Christmas holiday? In the latest blog post by Heart of Wood, we discuss Christmas interior and the simple changes you can make in your home.
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Creating a Victorian Interior

An image of a victorian home interior.

Many of us like to keep the interior aesthetic of our home in keeping with the year our home was built in. However, if you’ve recently just moved into a modern, new build, but crave to add depth in the form of a Victorian interior, keep reading. The latest blog post from Heart of Wood discusses how to create a Victorian interior, regardless of the size or era of your home.
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How to Choose Home Interior Room Colours

An image showing various colour charts and coloured fabrics, demonstrating the room colours available.

Whether you have just recently moved into your home or are simply looking to update your home interior, it can be difficult to decide what room colours to choose.

The colour you paint your walls with will form one of, if not the main feature of your room, so it is imperative that you consider how the room is used before you begin coating your walls in fresh paint.
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How to Create a Vintage Aesthetic

An image showing a cosy sitting room with a vintage aesthetic.

Many modern homes are following their traditional counterparts and using a wide range of home interior tricks to create the perfect vintage aesthetic. In recent years, many people have been incorporating real or retro pieces into their home decor to provide the pleasing appearance of a much older style, whilst still remaining elegant and uniform.

So how can you create a vintage aesthetic in your home, without carrying out a complete home renovation project? Continue reading Heart of Wood’s latest blog post to find out. Continue reading How to Create a Vintage Aesthetic

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Doors: The Advantages of Oak Interiors

Whether you are moving into your first home, or are looking to update the doors in your current property to heighten its aesthetic appeal, at Heart of Wood we have a wealth of industry experience in helping you create your perfect interior, right down to the small details such as cabinet knobs and pull handles, so you can be sure all of our products are of the highest quality.

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